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Supply Chain Traceability

Seed to Shelf - we know exactly where your product originates.

Supply Chain Integration

Our North American, integrated supply chain allows us to ensure quality through every phase of the production process, from seed genetics through to the final product.

Seed Genetics

Since quality starts with seed genetics, we partner with leading seed breeders and have exclusive variety rights to the hemp food industry’s proven performers.


According to government regulations, all hemp seeds must contain THC levels less than 10 parts per million (PPM).


Our Farm Operations team works directly with farmers, offering guidance and agronomic tips throughout the growing and harvesting process. Every lot can be traced back to the farm it was grown on.


Our Farm Operations team works directly with farmers to ensure quality is maintained throughout the storage process.

Seed Cleaning

Before we begin processing the Hemp Seed, it goes through a rigorous seed cleaning process to remove contaminants.

We partner with industry-leading seed cleaners that meet our quality standards.


Tests are done to confirm quality and food safety. The test includes a range of microbiological tests, physical purity tests, and chemical quality tests.

The only seed that meets our rigorous quality and food safety standards will be brought into our facility for further processing.

Heat Treatment

In-house heat-treatment capabilities added to BRC AA certified facility. Fresh Hemp Foods is the only North American hemp ingredient supplier to provide a third-party validated 5-Log  kill step.


Hemp Seeds either go to our dehulling room to make Hulled Hemp Seeds, to our oil presses to make Hemp Oil, or to our milling room to make Hemp Protein Powder.

Final Product

Each lot of finished product is evaluated for appearance, color, odor, taste, and mouthfeel.


Hemp Seeds are tested after harvest for several different attributes; microbiological quality, physical purity, and chemical contents including THC. According to government regulations, all hemp seed must contain THC levels less than 10 parts-per-million (PPM).

R&D Support

The Fresh Hemp Foods product experts support customers throughout the product development process, offering functional expertise to help formulate with hemp ingredients.


Are You a Farmer?

If you are interested in learning more about hemp from our agronomy team, fill out the below form, and our farm operations team will be in touch shortly!