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Protein-packed goodness.

The Benefits of Adding Hemp


Add claimable omegas to your nutrition label with the power of hemp.


Hulled hemp seeds deliver plant-based nutrition - more protein by weight than beef, chicken, or salmon.


Hemp is free of all major allergens and can be used as a nut replacement in product formulations.

A Healthy Start

Hemp is big at breakfast! Adding hemp to your granola, oats, or cereal formulations can deliver nutrient density through increased fiber, protein, and a healthy dose of omegas. 

Keto, nut-free, paleo, and allergen-friendly. This super-food is the perfect addition to your masterful creations!


  • Granolas
  • Flaked & extruded flake cereals
  • Oven puffed cereals
  • Gun & extruded gun puffed cereals
  • Shredded & extruded shredded cereals
  • Dry blended hot cereals


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