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Hemp in Your Products

Product Applications

Add plant-based protein, omegas & fiber to any product! Explore dozens of hemp applications that have been delighting nutritionists and tastebuds around the globe.

Hemp’s mild, nutty taste, pairs well with both sweet and savory flavors and can be added to a variety of products including bars, baked goods, non-dairy beverages, and salad dressings.


Explore a gluten-free alternative for your desserts, breads, pizza crusts, and doughs.

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When you need a highly dispersible product for your wet mix or slurry applications.

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Dairy Alternatives

Vegan? Lactose Intolerant? To connect with these markets, consider hemp.

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Bars & Snacks

Add omegas, fiber, and protein to your product.

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Sweet Treats

Chocolate pairs with everything - including hemp. Add nutrition to your muffins, cookies, and sweet treats.

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Crisps? Flakes? Add hemp to a morning staple to align with consumer's health trends.

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Dips & Dressings

Pack anti-inflammatory qualities and plant protein into your recipe.

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Meat Substitutes

Omega-filled and protein-rich for your meat alternatives.

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Protein Powders

Plant-based protein, omegas, and fibers, a power-packed punch of greatness!

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Add texture to your nut butter along with a rich nutrition profile.

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What pairs with hops? Hemp! Amplify your new beer offering with this dynamic duo.

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Beauty & Skincare Products

Off the chart moisturizing qualities, hemp is the perfect complement to all skin types.

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Our loyal companions deserve the best, including the protein, omegas, and fiber included in hemp.

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Industrial Applications

Hemp provides versatility and sustainability to a multitude of your industrial products.

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Our Ingredients

From seed to field, from storage to production, from our facilities to yours, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality, and the most consistent product so you are assured that it will meet every expectation.