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Meat Substitutes

Protein, Fiber, and Omegas.

The Benefits of Adding Hemp


Hemp is free of all major allergens and can be used as a soy or nut replacement in your product formulations.


Hulled hemp seeds contain more protein by weight than beef, chicken, or salmon - making them an idea inclusion in meat substitutes.


Hemp is gluten-free and can be used in place of grain-based protein sources.

On Trend

Plant-based eating is on the rise, and meat substitutes are skyrocketing in popularity. The next phase of meat alternatives will be shorter ingredient lists, clean labels, and nutrient density.  That’s where hemp becomes an ideal inclusion in your formulations.  

Keto, nut-free, paleo, and allergen-friendly. This super-food is the perfect addition to your masterful creations!


  • Meat alternatives - crumbles
  • Meat alternatives - patties

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Meat Substitute Ingredient Solutions

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